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3 Dimension Graphics’ digital platform is part of a balanced offering that combines our advantages of scale, geographic reach, logistics and classic printing expertise with fast-emerging capabilities that use digital technologies to tailor communications to audiences of one, in new applications, at new quantities, at faster speeds, across borders, and through powerful Internet based, XML and other interfaces.


3 Dimension Graphics put these tools to work for your commercial print requirements for:


Annual Reports
Presentation Folders

From strategy to data management, from creative development to production flexibility, we deliver direct marketing communications with one goal in mind:

Return on YOUR marketing dollar

Since our inception 3 Dimension Graphics has been helping companies acquire and keep loyal and active customers with highly customized, data-driven direct mail communications.


With our comprehensive and scalable capabilities, we combine direct marketing strategy and agile personal service with a highly competitive cost



As a major purchaser of transportation services, we invest heavily into transportation services each year-from ground couriers, to airfreight, truck and rail services-and we leverage that investment to save you money.


We support your logistics needs by maintaining service staff at our printing plant and our Dispatch Center is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


3 Dimension Graphics’ Pre-media Technologies has a team of highly skilled professionals providing graphic design, copywriting,

editing and proofreading services

- all in one place.


From conceptual projects to actual production of catalog pages, retail inserts, flyers and other promotional pieces, our team of experts can handle all your creative needs, and deliver superior results.

Want your logo on a coffe mug, t-shirt or beach ball? We can make it happen. 

With thousands of options to choose from we can make your company look its best with our promotional products. 

Cant find what you like? Want to create something unique? Our team of designers can make it happen. Just give us a call on one of our print specialist will assist you with your custom job.



3 Dimension Graphics’ Pre-media’s color service solutions can help improve the color quality and accuracy of your project, significantly reduce your costs, and shorten your cycle time by 50%.


Bring us an image and the wheels are set in motion. We bring science and technology together to produce the best result. Graphic arts, color science, cutting-edge technology, research and personal contact move together toward the total success of your project.



3 Dimension Graphics’ Pre-media’s production team can build cutting-edge design and content for

any project.


Our page layout and workflow automation specialists manage the entire process from file preparation and assembly to print event management - all with centralized control of document creation and editing.


End-to-End Services,
Customized for Each Project

Our team creates deliverables that are clearly targeted, produced and distributed - to meet the requirements of any pressroom. 

From Fortune 500 corporations to 
small businesses, we are here to help.

Our facilities are BIG! We have all the tools

to get your job done no matter the size!

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